Location: Katoomba, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Summer, 1997

Time: Midnight




While living in Sixth Avenue in North Katoomba in 1997, every night for a minimum of 3 nights, the dogs behind my house would be barking off their heads and I would yell at them to shut up. Then one particular night, I went to the side window and opened it up and yelled ‘Shut the F*……..’, and I stopped in my tracks. There was this big tall thing, as tall as the fruit tree, it turned at looked at me and I looked at it. It was roughly about 5 metres from my window.


This was late at night, at around midnight.


It was big. As tall as the tree and was not Human. It shut me down in my tracks immediately. It was between my house and the house directly behind me (Seventh Avenue), where it’s a bit bushy and the dogs were barking in that direction.



It was big. It was heavy. It was wide. It was hairy. It wasn’t Human at all. It stood at about 7ft tall. I looked at it in the eyes and it looked at me in the eyes and it was big. He was standing by the tree and turned to his right and looked at me as I yelled at the dogs. He looked at me and I looked at it – and I closed the curtain. I was bloody scared. He was very big. The hair was about as long as a Golden Retriever.


He was reaching out on the fruit tree. I’ve never gone to this side window, this was the first time I did.


It had a big head, but then again, it was in proportion to everything else. It was very solid. It was a dark colour, possibly dark brown. That wasn’t a person. He was reaching our picking the fruit off the tree. I can’t tell you what type of fruit it was. That tree is gone how because they have extended the house.


I moved out in March of 1998. I’ve only told a few people.



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