Location: Katoomba (Three Sisters), New South Wales

Event: Loud Crashing in Forest Below

Date: 7th September 1999

Terrain: Heavily wooded




In September 1999 I was touring Australia and decided to visit the Blue Mountains to view the scenery. I was hiking the ridgeline along the area known as the Three Sisters looking over the valley. I was fascinated overlooking the valley below, watching the various parrots squabbling back and forth at each other. After an hour of just sitting and admiring the view I suddenly noticed a disturbance in the forest below.


Suddenly cockatoos raised hell and scattered and flew off. I watched this, figuring some animal may have attacked the parrot flock. I couldn't see anything but forest canopy in a majority of the valley below. Being the ignorant yank I gathered up some big rocks and tossed them below in that area.

I could hear the rocks crashing though the canopy and hitting the ground. And the sound of a distinct "grunt" followed by heavy crashing of undergrowth fleeing the area below away from the area of the Sisters. I thought that odd at first, definitely something big was running off. I knew it wasn't a human below, for I heard no yelling or swearing (I certainly would had somebody chucked big rocks down on me). I gathered myself and hiked out back to my car and returned to Sydney that night. I always wondered about that day, what was it down there. I heard about the Yowie years before, but was told that was more of an outback tale.

In a way I regret not seeing what was making the disturbance, especially being safe hundreds of feet overhead. But I can't help but wonder...was it a Yowie down there that late afternoon?





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