Location: Katoomba, New South Wales 

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1975

Time: Night





Myself and two mates used to ride the tracks of the Blue Mountains catchment area. We had ridden these tracks many times and had never seen anything unusual.


We had started on the catchment road on this occasion and it wasn’t too far along and we came across a cow that had been ripped a part. We went further down the track and we came across another cow, totally torn up.


We had our back packs full because we had planned to stay overnight down near the quarries, so the next day we could spend the whole day riding. We picked a spot between both quarries and unpacked our gear. Early in the morning we started to hear this noise. It sounded between a howl and growling. It sounded like it was over near one of the quarries near where we found one of those cows.


We had a fire going and we heard this roar again, but this time a little bit closer. And we kept hearing this sound getting closer and closer. Then we smelt this real foul odour. It was bad. Nasty. We started to get a little edgy by this time.



The next time we heard this roar, it was about 100m away on thick scrub and the smell was stronger. Then we started to hear branches crack and crash. The night was incredibly still. We kept hearing the noises coming closer as it was smashing through the bush. At this stage we were getting pretty scared. By the time it got to about 10m, close to where the tent was, one of my mates just ran. He left his brand new bike behind. Myself and my other mate ran to our bikes, we looked around and saw this big dark figure that had come to the edge of the bush where the fire was.

It was huge. It must have been over 7ft. It was illuminated in the glow of the fire. The arms were long. It was huge. Solid.


The area where it had come out of, no Human could walk through. It was thick and you’d have a lot of scratches. Really thick scrub.


We left everything there. My mate stopped and picked up my other mate and we rode out of there.


We got back to the house and my older brother had some of his mates there. We told them what had happened and they were keen to go out there for a look, but we weren’t after what happened. But we reluctantly decided to go with them.

We got back to the camp and it was trashed.


The next day we went back to get our things. We had wandered over towards one of the quarries and found these huge footprints in the clay. They were very broad. Very wide. Very big and flat.


Just talking about this today, I get goose bumps on my goose bumps. I still get chills up my spine. The whole encounter at the time took about 45 minutes to an hour.



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