Location: Tallong, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1990

Time: 5am



I went with a group of people on a hike with a friend from Uni, which they warned me was a difficult hike. It was a difficult hike to get down to where we went. We got down there, set up and camp had dinner and went to bed.


I got up early in the morning about 5am and the sun was just coming up. I went out for a Pee, and while doing so I heard what sounded like some rocks falling. At first I thought it may have been a goat, as there were a lot of feral goats around there. I looked up and there was this creature crouching down on a rock ledge.


At the time I wasn’t really believe what I was seeing. It was early morning and I still wasn’t properly awake. I stood up and took a couple of steps towards it, and it stood up and looked down at me. I briefly looked down at a goanna that was there, looked back up and it was gone.


I never got it out of my head all these years – where did it go? It was down off the top, on a ledge on the edge. It had nowhere to go.


In 2008, I was doing an environmental course at the Tafe and we did an excursion to the South Marulan Mine which wasn’t far from the ledge. We stopped at Long Point and I said “I saw a Yowie down there one day”. So down we went and I showed them where he was on the ledge. The man who works at the mine took me around so I could get a closer look at it, and I looked across and there was a little cave right where he was standing. So I think he might have gone down into that cave.


People have seen them out around Marulan apparently, and I think it’s probably the same one.


He was high up on an escarpment type ledge above the other side of the river. The other side of the river was about 25 metres away. He was down about 50 metres from the top.


It was a reddish brown colour. The rock face was a sandstone colour, which had a reddish tinge through it, so he did blend quite well. When I first saw it, it was sideways, crouching. Then it stood up. When he stood up, he looked athletic. He was built more like an AFL player than a Rugby player. He was all hairy. His face did have fur on it, but wasn’t very furry, but more like what a goat or sheep have. He didn’t have a neck. His face looked squashed, like his cheekbones were flat. I think the hair was longer around the back of his arms. His arms were muscular, but more like an athlete. Not bulky. You would expect something like that to be built like a Gorilla, but he wasn’t. He was quite upright, a little hunched at the top, but still quite upright. It was way taller than my friend who was 6ft-3”.


I’ve been back there quite a few more times because I think there’s more to it, and now I think it, I think he may have been throwing the stones.  


I told my mother afterwards and she said that would be right, because she grew up in Kioloa Bay back in the 1930’s and they had them there back then.


The only other thing I have seen is a Big Black Cat. Both myself and my Husband saw that coming back from Wingello.



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