Location: Tallong, New South Wales

Event: Audible

Date: December, 2010




Hi Dean,

I work for the Army and have occasionally heard the odd Yowie tale from the soldiers but I feel compelled to pass on this recent report.

Date: Thursday, 2nd December 2010
Time: Approx 1500hrs
Location: 471 Long Point Rd Tallong New South Wales 2579

This recent possible encounter was reported to me by a trusted colleague MAJOR K.H who is a very honest and 'matter of fact' gentleman (as is most Officers of his rank). After conducting business in Goulburn NSW, he was travelling alone east along the Hume highway when he saw a sign indicating a scenic lookout. As he had some time to kill and is fond of discovering new points of interest, so he decided to drive down the Marulan-Talong Rd then onto Long Point Rd to it's very end.

He parked his car and there were numerous bush walk circuit choices, he decided on the short walk to the gorge outlook. There were no other people around and he recalled that it seemed as if the whole area was rarely visited. In fact he said there were actual spider webs across the path that he chose, so he new no one was ahead of him on the trail.

MAJ K.H was halfway to the gorge when the hairs on the back of his neck stood up and he had the distinct feeling like he was being watched. He tried to shrug these strange feelings off and continued on his walk but the sensations persisted and he noted the fact that there was complete silence. No birds or insects, only the sound of distant running water. As the trail passed to the left of a large spur he was suddenly jolted by a powerful grunt from the top of the hill 20m to his left, followed by a massive ruckus of what he described as the sound of "100 massive kangaroos" tearing down the other side of the hill away from his position. He distinctly recalls large saplings being torn down and what sounded like a very large rock rolling down the hill too. The dramatic display only went on for what he calculated was 5-10 seconds, and this unnerved him because whatever caused the commotion sounded like it just changed it's position to the bottom of the hill and didn't continue on to leave the area.

He was the same distance from the car park to the outlook, in his own words he was "stuck in no-man's land" so he decided to proceed to the outlook at a quick pace. He arrived at the outlook and positioned himself with his back to gorge while he scanned the bush where the noise came from. He was unsure what caused these noises but in all his years in the Army he has never heard an animal so massive move through the Australian bush. Although he had previously heard of the Yowie phenomenon (as most Aussie Soldiers have), he was reluctant to jump to this conclusion trying to rationalise it as "just a bloody big roo". He new it was not the case though as he did not hear the unmistakable bounding, just a tearing of the bushland like he never knew was possible from a marsupial.

After assessing his position for 30mins and with daylight fading, he decided to head back to the car park. He took off and jogged back along the path, arriving back at his car without incident. He was decidedly unnerved by the area and was most relieved to be back on the road heading away at high speed.

I hope you find this of interest.

Cheers, Sean







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