Location: Lithgow, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: May, 2018

Time: 11pm




I was driving back from a Concert Tour in Melbourne, and there’s a little camping spot I normally stay at in the Blue Mountains along the way.


It was around 11pm and I was coming towards Lithgow on the two lane main Highway. I came over a crest of a hill doing 80 or 90kmph, and went passed 3 or 4 kangaroo’s, and then down the road it looked like a person walking across the road, but he was really tall. It looked like someone, not stumbling but shuffling across the road. Big creature, tall, thick neck and hairy. When I went passed it, I thought ‘hang on, that just doesn’t add up’. I kept driving because I was pretty s* scared.


It crossed the road from the left hand side to the right. I first saw it ahead at 50m or less. When I passed it, it was almost on the other side of the road. I didn’t swerve for it, just flew passed it. It was only about 2m away from me at that stage. My headlights were on high beam.  


It was tall, broad shoulders, big head with not much of a neck and the hair was light brown. I was driving a Volkswagen Caddy with a rooftop camper and I feel it was just about as tall as that. Maybe 8ft. It looked like a Rugby Union player walking across the road that was really hairy. It maybe looked up a little. The way I thought about it was that it looked like someone who was really sad or a bit depressed or something, it kind of shrugged and looked up a little but couldn’t be bothered looking up any more, just gave a quick glance and went back to what it was doing. I didn’t see its face, it just looked a little in my direction and back again and kept walking.


I didn’t see separation between the head and the neck, it was like it was kind of fused. I know people with medical conditions where it all collapses and kind of looks like that. It was big. The best description I can give is like a big Rugby Union Forward. Huge big and bulky. Big wide and tall. I don’t remember too much detail about the arms and legs other than the legs being stocky, and the arms being long. It had its arms down by its side like you would imagine how a Gorilla or Chimpanzee holds them, and it was slowly shuffling across. I didn’t see any eye shine because it was side on. The thing looked like ‘Cousin It’ walking across the road.


I had this experience and I didn’t tell anybody.


After a while I told my wife, and she was respectfully sceptical. I then told a trusted friend and he put me onto David Paulides in America and I started watching his work. Then he put me onto your Website.


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