Location: Cooperabung, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: December, 2017

Time: 10.15pm




Firstly, about 20 years ago I was walking on my property which is surrounded by rain forest and came across something that I found troubling. It was a Kangaroo with its head taken off. I bent down and touched the carcass and it was still warm and the rigor mortis still hadn’t set in. If it were a dog, the dog would have taken the body, but this had its head cleanly ripped off. The rest of the body was intact. There were no gunshot wounds. I thought maybe it had hit a wire fence but the nearest fence was 100m away. I was at a loss to explain it.


I went to an old local, who was about 90 in the shade, and he suggested it was probably a hairyman.


To this day I still can’t work it out how it got there without its head. Scientifically I can’t work it out.


The other night we had gone to the Christmas Carols at Pt. Macquarie, my son had already come home and went to bed. I checked to make sure the bins were out and thought I had better go out and check on the chicken coup. I put on a head torch with LED’s and walked out the back door to check on the chooks, and as I went down the back steps I just caught this pair of big eyes. These were big eyes and far apart. I used to take the kids out with the spotlight looking at animals like wallabies, possums, kangaroos, sheep and what not and this was like nothing I have ever seen. This was big, the eye level would have been at least 6ft tall.


The eyes were yellow. It looked at me, then it turned its head to the left, then turned right, then looked back at me.

I have a lot of things going on around here now that I’m starting to believe something is going on.  






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