Location: Bellingen, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: April, 2018

Time: Night

Male Witness




I’ve lived in Northern New South Wales for about 15+ years, but I’m only new to this area (Bellingen).


In the middle of the night we’ve been hearing all these howls and screams and didn’t think much of it. We just thought it was wild dogs or what not. Then one morning at 5.30 I was sitting out the front having a cigarette and a cup of tea and I hear this boom boom boom and I thought ‘what the hells that?’ I looked and saw this big figure, walk through the thicket. I could see a massive figure walking through and disappearing. I was only watching it for 20 seconds at most. It was bloody big, it was like the Hulk, it was huge.


I looked for footprints but it was dry and topped with leaves, so there was nothing around.


We get rocks or sticks thrown on the roof randomly at night. It will happen about 10-15 times and then it will stop.


One morning my wife woke me up at 3am and we were listening to these whoooop-whoooop noises, she was freaking out. Then we heard a bank on the guttering about 5 minutes later, followed by rocks on the roof. We were lying in bed s#*ting ourselves and saying ‘what the hell this that’.


Then on Christmas morning my wife was away and I was woke by this big bang on the roof following by this whoop-whooop and these monkey chattering type of noises, one up one end of the house and one just back from the house. Then bang on the guttering again and bang on the guttering again, then tap tap tap tapping around. We don’t get anyone around here. We are over 10km out of town. This happened until 5am when the sun came up and then gone. This was scaring the crap out of me. I didn’t want to get out of bed, I was just that scared. It was like what the hell. It went on for over an hour.


My neighbour down the road said one night his pig dogs were going off and he went outside and saw this big hairy figure running off like Usain Bolt. He told me about it when I was telling him about my experience.



Previous to this I had an experience at Nunimbah Valley in year 7 on a School Camp (c. 1997). They had a couple of calves that got away, and myself and a few others lived on farms so they asked us to go and chase them and we ended up chasing them back.


All of a sudden this big huge bloody hairy thing came out of the creek going ‘brrrrahhh’, yelling and screaming. It was a big and reddish brown and was coming towards me. I could remember the smell first - I just took off. I ran back to this farmer’s house and told him. He just said ‘Oh it’s back again, is it’…. He grabbed his gun and took me back to the camp. That was my only other experience.








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