Location: Newry State Forest, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 07-03-2019

Time: 8pm





[Wife] - We had been staying at Seal Rocks (near Taree) and were coming home towards Coffs Harbour at about 8pm and we had just passed Urunga on the Pacific Highway. It was raining and we were towing a trailer.


We came across this thing on the road that we had to swerve to miss.


I knew what I saw and I wondered if my Husband had seen the same thing – and he turned to me and said “That can be only one thing”.  What we saw was like the back of a large ape lying on the road. We couldn’t stop because we were worried that someone might run up the back of us and there was no place to turn around.


We saw the shoulders and the back.  Estimated the shoulders to be about 900mm high and the back looked to be about 1.5m long. It looked like it had been knocked over and tucked up in a foetal position. It had long hair, which my husband thought was about 100mm long and the hair colour was a blondy-gingery colour and it was big. Immediately I saw what looked like the back of an ape. I didn’t think it was a human because it was too big.


We think it would have been 8-9ft tall if it stood up. It wasn’t a little thing. It was something we have never seen before. It was in the left hand lane.


[Husband] – I have seen a lot of road kill on the road in my life (background as a truck driver). My estimation was that it had only just happened, a truck had clipped it and it went to the side of the road. It was fresh. There was no glass or car parts on the road, so I would say it was hit by a truck.


I thought if I had hit that thing, I would have wiped out the front of my car. It was large enough to destroy the front end of the car.


[Wife] – The head was tucked in and because it was almost in a foetal position. I don’t know if it was alive or dead. It was lying on its right hand side and its head was towards the centre of the road. The arms and legs were tucked up in front of it. The shoulders were about 900mm and they tapered down to a narrower waist as in a triangle shape. The hair looked matted.


There was dense forest on both sides of the road. We didn’t notice any blood on the road because it was raining at the time. There was no blood and guts or anything like that. It looked like it had been clipped by a truck and fallen on the road. It was bigger than an ape. Very powerful.



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