Location: North Gosford, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1986

Time: Night/AM



We moved there around 1983, it was at the end of the street that backed onto a nature reserve that connects out to the West into wilderness. House was at top of the hill.


I was in bed at night, heard a noise like birds having a go at something, then a roar and went to the window. These creatures were going up a track into the mountain. Two of them, one taller and one smaller. The younger smaller one was shoeing the birds away that were dive bombing.


They were covered in a dark to black short hair. Looked between a Human and Gorilla. Hard to explain. The face looked more Human because there was much not much hair on the face. Kind of like a Neanderthal.  

It was early in the morning, but light enough to see well.





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