Location: Stuarts Point, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2012

Time: 3am (Full Moon)

[Witness – Female]





I was living at the base of Yarrahapinni National Park by myself at the time. I had moved down from Townsville where I had been working in the Army.


I had just got back from working the night shift, and got out of the car to see a dingo with my dog in its mouth. It had ripped its lungs open and took off with it in its mouth. Because it was a bright full moon, I could see where it was running. It then dropped my dog in the bush and I grabbed her. She had her lungs ripped open. I wrapped her up and phoned my mother and sister to come with me to the Vet. I was hysterical, I had no children, so the little dog was my baby.


We took a back road, which is a dirt road in the bush with some open paddocks. It is a shortcut to Macksville, where the Vet is. I’ve never driven down this road before at night. It’s like a little bush track that cuts about 20 minutes off the drive.


We had been at the Vet’s for about 3 hours and were driving home at around 3am back along the same track to save time. The road is so bad with potholes and alike and at times you almost have to change down to first gear or you’ll damage your car. In one section, the road veers off to the right and its all open paddocks with no fencing. I had to change down into first gear as I veered to the right to go up into Link Road, and in the full moon, here is this shadow moving across the car. I looked and saw this thing standing there that was big, black and hairy. It was on two legs and over 2 metres tall. I was in shock. I just put my foot down and drove quickly to my house.


The three of us got out of the car and ran to the front door. We went inside and locked the door. We all saw it. We were in such a panic. We were white as sheets.


This thing was walking towards the car from the right hand side. I looked to my right and he was just standing there and then he started walking towards the car. It was taller than the car, on two legs, thick set and covered in black hair. It was shaggy hair like a shagpile rug. It was over 2 metres tall and walking towards the driver’s door.


I’m ex-Army and I’ve been in some scary situations, but that absolutely scared the crap out of me. It was only 2 or 3 metres away.


When we ran into the house, I locked the door and we all said at once “OMG did you see THAT!!”. We all saw the same thing. I know what I saw.


I told everyone. I even put it on my Facebook. I told people in town. My Dad told all his work colleagues. They all believe me.



About 6 - 8 months before this happened, my Dad (who had organised this house for me to rent), suddenly didn’t want me staying there anymore and started saying that I should go and sleep at my mother’s house or moved into town. I kept asking him why and he would just say that he didn’t want to scare me and/or I wouldn’t believe him, and if he told me what he saw, I wouldn’t want to live out there. One day I pushed and pushed and he finally said that he saw something big and hairy out there. He was driving up my road just before daybreak and he looked up to see something on the road. It was big, black and hairy. It was on all fours, looked at him in the eyes, stood up on two legs and ran off into the bush. He said that’s why I don’t want you living up there anymore. I didn’t take it seriously at the time.



After my experience, I packed up my things and never stayed there again.









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