Location: Sunny Corner, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Summer, 1982

Time: 2-3pm




I was out dirt bike riding with my brother off one of the main roads leading to the Tip.


I came up over a hill past the gates into the tip towards and saw a big pit dug in the ground and realised I was going too quick, hit the brakes and locked it up, came to a slide and stopped. I was only about 2 metres from the edge of the pit.



I looked down into the pit and there was this thing down there going through all the rubbish. I didn’t know what it was when I first saw it, I thought it was a bloke, but when he turned around he looked straight at me and then ducked down into the rubbish trying to hide.


My brother wasn’t too far behind me so I turned around to wave him down, and when I turned back around it was scurrying back up over the bank. When they dig the pits, they pull all the dirt out of it and put on the other side, so there was a bit of a mound. So he’s scurrying up over the mound and I got a good look at him then.



He went up and over the mound and stuck his head up and that’s when my brother saw him too. I stood up on my bike to get another look at him and he took off, so I raced around the other side of the mound and there was a wire fence about 10m away and he was already over that and he was just standing there looking back and then took off again. I realised then it wasn’t a bloke. It wasn’t a Human. As he was running through the trees, he was grabbing the tress to propel himself to build up speed as he was going. He was fast; really agile.


From his backside down he had really thick legs, like powerful legs, then from the waist up kind of skinny like he was crook, like he wasn’t in good health, you could see his backbone sticking out and all his ribs were showing. He had hair on his back but it was sparse. If you’ve ever seen a dog with mange and how its skin is all scabby, that’s how it looked and it had that speckled look like you get on an old person. To me he look about 80 years old; it was an old critter. He wasn’t very big, only about 5ft tall. He had a big mono brow, I couldn’t see his mouth because the hair was hanging down and over his neck and down his shoulders.


When he moved, there was no way a Human could move that quick. I thought it was pretty crook looking, so how he moved like that I’ll never know. It didn’t look right because it was big from the bottom down but from the top it looked sick. Its ribs were showing and it was fairly scrawny on the top end of it.


When I first saw him he was rummaging through the rubbish in the pit, looking for food by the look of it. When he was running over the bank I could see he had big thick calves and thighs and it was covered with an orangey kind of hair. His back was all mangy looking. I could see his backbone and his ribs. The hair on his back was really sparse. Fairly narrow shoulders. The hair on his head and beard was all silver with black stripes in it. He wasn’t a big unit, probably only about 75kgs. He had hair all over and the hair on his back was 2 – 3 centimetres long.


When he got to the trees he used the saplings to pull his way forward. I’ve never seen anything like it. He was quicker than a Human. I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with it.


I thought it was someone really decrepit. He looked like someone on his death bed really. He didn’t look well. It was old, as I said I think he would have been about 80 years old by the look.


I’ve spent years out there and never seen anything like that.


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