Location: Mt Warning (Byrrill Creek), New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2012

Time: Day

[Female Witness. National Parks and Wildlife Officer]




I was driving into this property that was about 100 hectares. I was driven about half way up this track and it was just after Cyclone Oswald had just gone through so a lot of trees were down across the track which meant we couldn’t get the car all the way through.


I had been walking for about 2 hours to get to the top of this ridge. I was with my Uncle at the time and on the way back down, something big and black ran past on the other side of the tree. It was quite large, about 6ft. You could see its head over the top of the trees and it was very hairy and wide, about a metre and a half wide. It just went so fast. I was amazed how fast it was. It was only 10 to 15m away.


It disappeared into the rain forest. I could hear it crashing through the bush.


I asked my Uncle what he thought it was, and he just smiled at me and said “Bush Turkey”. I knew it was no Bush Turkey.


It’s extremely thick rainforest. Only about 10 white people have stepped on this particular land. It’s pretty much untouched. They still keep finding Aboriginal artefacts around the area. They still have giant cedar trees almost as wide as people’s houses, which have never been logged. It’s pretty much untouched.


This thing just ran straight past, and it was huge. I’ve never seen anything run so fast. It was similar to a person, but the terrain would have slowed a human down. It was pitch back and the hair was long and all over the body and it almost looked like dreadlocks. I could see its head over the branches. I couldn’t see the face, just black hair. The head was a bit blockish, like squarish.

My view was a bit blocked by the trees.


I’ve spoken to some of the local Aboriginal people and they all said it was a Yowie. I couldn’t think of anything else it could have been. Apparently they used to avoid that ridge because of the Yowie.


I have never ever seen anything like it. In fact it still haunts me. I work out in the bush a lot now. I haven’t been back that place because it scared me.






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