Location: Mt. Warning - Tyalgum (Border Ranges), New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: June, 2017

Time: 3pm




I'm a Paleoanthropologist/ archaeologist and have a sighting to report. My academic career will be mud if I can't keep anonymity. I haven't reported it elsewhere as from what I have seen, your Directors/ Admin appear to keep things quite professional.

2 years ago I was archaeologically surveying an area believed to be part of a significant Indigenous Heritage site near Tyalgum NSW. I decided to venture up a steep escarpment creek flowing from the Border Ranges National Park to view the area from above. Upon stopping to work out navigating a small cascade, to the side of the cascade/ mini-waterfall crouched a hominid with long reddish hair. It had a grey ape-humanoid face and huge eyes. It was staring straight ahead. It sounds stupid and even bizarre, but I got the distinct impression it was trying to conceal its presence; pretend that it was a tree or some other inanimate object. Like a child pretending you can't see them crouching right in front of you.

I didn't get the impression that there was an immediate danger; but truth be told, I was concerned and left.

Due to this, I did further Post-Graduate study in Paleoanthoropology to understand what I clearly didn't about the hominid I saw. The sighting still unsettles me; not because there was a huge crouched creature, but because its very presence is "impossible" according to all current and passed scientific theories. It's difficult to explain the implications to those outside of academia, but perhaps you are academics and have a good knowledge of the politics involved.

In any case, I am looking to finally put forward a "Theoretical outline" of what it means if an ancient hominid exists. I have read other Yowie researchers work that tend to imply that this hominid is in fact the hominin h. erectus. I have personally studied the zoological anatomy of h. erectus and can offer the view - based on my one encounter admittedly - that this is not a hominin but rather a hominid: and is something else perhaps where no fossil evidence has been recovered. Albeit, there is the chance that its DNA exists within a certain population in the Sahul (ancient Australian and New Guinea) region.


A crucial piece that made me consider h. naledi in the mix: the bones of h. Naledi make 'him' appear to have no neck. They did have necks, but the structure of the spine and shoulder blades obscure it in comparison to other hominids. Again, not that I’m saying it’s the same species. Naledi has a hand consistent with being a tool user and I don’t think we know if the species in the ranges is a tool user (?). 


In my role of an archaeological scientist (double degree), was to go to certain areas particularly of indigenous significance and after studies approach the Government to pass legislation.


It was only after my sighting that I decided to cross over into Palaeoanthropology.


I was on a private property about 10 – 15km west of My Warning in the Border Ranges that has very significant historical heritage, both aboriginal and pioneer. I was surveying an area and went up a hill which was as steep as you could ever imagine for a better birds eye view, and up a granite cascade to a smaller cascade. I stopped there to work out how to navigate it and to the right of me was something with knees bent all the way down, like couched down in that position looking straight ahead. Huge eyes on it, they were like golf balls. Like fish eyes. And it was pretending not to be there (that was the impression I got).


I was fairly startled to see it. It was covered in a reddish coloured hair, almost auburn. It was a longer type of hair. I’ve read Yowie Reports before and always thought of something along the lines of Gorilla, but this wasn’t anything like that. I could tell by the way it was crouching that it was a lot bigger than me. It sat there with its big eyes and grey face looking straight ahead of it pretending it wasn’t there. It spooked the hell out of me to be honest. I didn’t feel threatened, but just the experience itself rattled me pretty heavily. I pretended I didn’t see it, turned my back and went down the mountain.


It sat with me for the last couple of years, so much so that I crossed over into Palaeoanthropology. I wanted to understand what I had seen and what is living here on this continent and the reason I reached out to the AYR. It disturbs me on many levels. Scientifically, it shouldn’t be here. Even if it was here, it should have been here 200 – 300 hundred thousand years ago, not in 2017.


It was within 10 metres of me. It obviously saw me before I saw it and decided to crouch and stare like a marble statue. I have been on the AYR Website and ready many of the Reports from that area and haven’t read of anything doing this type of behaviour. It looked like it tried to avoid detection by crouching down and looking straight ahead. It’s a strange Report and I feel strange reporting it, but that’s exactly what happened.


It was slightly higher than me, sitting on the other side of a water fall about 10 metres away crouched down looking like a marble statue. I looked at it, looked away and then got spooked, looked back at it kind of sideways. I had a clear view of it. I turned around and went back down the hill, not running because I didn’t know what to expect and just kept going. Once I got out of sight and away from that part of the mountain, I picked up my speed.


Because it was crouched, it was difficult to say exactly how tall it was but I could tell from its legs and how the knees were poking up from the crouching position with the feet in front of him and knees poking up at the front, and the bulk of its frame, I could tell it was bigger than me. I’m around the 6ft mark. It was tall.


I wouldn’t have called it lean, and I wouldn’t have called it Gorilla, I’ve read some of those Reports where they are muscular and huge, but I didn’t get that impression. It was more along the lines of a bigger built orangutan, probably because the colour of its hair, but its face was not that of an orangutan, it was more human than that.


The difficulty with assigning any possible name to it, is all we can only go on is reconstruction of finds. Based on these finds, we then use computer programs to try and rebuild a face and a body using the bones we have, but we can never be sure.


We can never be sure about how much hair it had on its body. These things we don’t know, we can only speculate based on other primates in the family.


There’s a big difference between a Hominin and a Hominid. Hominins are anatomically like us, Neanderthal – Denisovan – Homo Floresiensis. A hominid is far closer to an ape.


Homo Erectus which was the first one know to flake stone tools. They had a basic technology, but not as advanced to make axes as we know them today.


I was hazard that it is what I would expect to be one of the newer finds in the Hominid family from the Rising Star Cave – Homo Naledi. The bones of H. Naledi make 'him' appear to have no neck. They did have necks, but the structure of the spine and shoulder blades obscure it in comparison to other hominids. I would guess by the build of the bones, it is something like this.


I saw the face and the face did have traces of apelike qualities to it but it was somewhere in between us and apes. It looked almost humanoid but with some apelike features like the nose and the way the mouth came out and the fact that its head was coming out of its chest. It had ape qualities but it had human qualities too. Its eyes were giant fish eye - golf ball sized. Even something about the eyes said something human to me as well. It’s hard to describe because I’ve never seen anything like it before.


I’ve seen reconstructions of other Hominids before in the past few years and some of them come close, but this was something different.


I had a camera in my kit at the time, and you would think that someone in my position would get the camera and start taking shots, but I didn’t, I suppose because of the shock and fear. I was alone and it was something that took me by surprise. The camera was literally the last thing on my mind. Not now, but unfortunately the time has passed. At the time, I was just so spooked by it that all I wanted to do was turn around and walk away.


I have told some family members, but I certainly wouldn’t tell any colleagues about it. The politics behind that are enormous. It’s only been in the past few months that it’s been an agreed point that Hominids may have crossed Wallace’s line between Indonesia and New Guinea which is something only anatomical humans are supposed to do. So coming out with something like this with a Hominid species that is supposed to be extinct but still surviving on the continent…..



Using reason, the Border Ranges are millions of years old. There are species that are living in there that are threatened, endangered or belied to be extinct and other scientific groups are picking up on these species, so the likelihood of something living there relatively undetected is pretty high but it’s still not accepted because is so engrained that only humans or the early ancestors of the Aboriginals could have crossed over from New Guinea to Australia. That tide is turning but until some fossil evidence is found, it’s something that would be shut down as soon as it’s mentioned. There’s no room for discussion on the subject that these things could actually be here on the Australian continent, and still alive.


As ridiculous as it sounds, is just squatted there like a marble statue. It had no apparent neck and it had hair on its head, but not on its face. The face was totally hairless. There was no mistaking the features. Parts were ape and parts were human features, they were easily seen. The body was hard to work out because it was covered in auburn hair, but the face was easily seen. The hair seemed to be long and shaggy. Its mouth had a muzzle. The area below the nose and around the mouth was puffed up – not necessarily protruding, but certainly not lips like a human being.


When I saw the reconstruction of Naledi, that came to mind. I’m not saying that’s what it is, but that was about the size.


For the sake of the Research you do, for the people who have these encounters, its prime at the moment scientifically to expect that other Hominids or Hominins did make it to Australia. There are multiple theories about evolution and so forth, but the one that has the biggest hold is out of Africa. The out of Africa model Hominins and Hominids had to cross the line to Australia and whether that’s true or not is not up to me, as that’s an academic question. But it is becoming clearer that other Hominins and Hominids did cross the Wallace line and did make it to Papua New Guinea and it was only 7,000 years ago that the land bridge became the Torres Straight Islands due to climatic change.


The other thing I would like to point out is the Aboriginal skull in this country begins gracile like the rest of us, and turns robust later on. Meaning, something intermingled with them and we know it did because they a large percentage Denisoven and 1% another Hominid gene and they don’t know what this other hominid is because there’s no fossil record for it.


From my understanding, the legend for this animal was they were taking Aboriginal Women by force and it’s an accepted understanding the Neanderthal were inter marrying with Human women and probably WERE taking them by force and fossil evidence of another unknown Hominid is already here on this continent and it’s being accepted that others were here. It’s taken time for the tide to change and I think there’s going to end up being some type of archaeological race to find other evidence of other Hominids here in Australia and New Guinea, and when that happens I think a few people are going to feel quite vindicated.


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