Location: Camira, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1997



It was during the school holidays, and I was about 12 years old. We were down at the house where my Grandparents and Aunty live, further down the road from our house. Out the back of the house there is a fence, and then a grassy bit, some trees, then a creek and more trees on the other side.

We were just going over the fence, and we noticed this black thing in a tree, we ran as fast as we could to a friend's place, where my sister was. Later on, 8 of us went back, but we couldn't see anything. But there were gash marks all the way up the tree, even past where the branches come out.

What we saw with our quick glance, was a black thing about 2 or 3 metres off the ground in the tree. We only saw the back of it, but it was like a little gorilla, or something, just black and hairy.

It was holding on to the trunk of the tree, but we couldn't see its arms or anything. We thought, maybe an ape or something had escaped from a circus. It was big, probably the same height as us, but it wasn't long or short and fat, just a bigger version of us.

The next day, my Dad went back with us. There were these gash marks all the way up the trunk, all around the sides and even further up, even Dad couldn't see where they finished.

The trunk was quite big, only an adult man would be able to reach around it. The gashes looked like some claws had grabbed into the tree, and pulled up a heavy weight.

No-one could explain what had made those gashes.







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