Location: Cairns, Queensland

Event: Several Yowie Encounters

Date: 2005

Source: Dave Glen




Hi Dean,


While I was in Cairns, Dad had two Aboriginal guys working for us. One was the painter (Frank) and the other was his cousin (Braeden), Braedens Dad was Franks Uncle.

Locations: Various



Braedens Dad, Frank and another man were out didgeridoo cutting, as Braedens Dad owns a didgeridoo shop. When they were searching for the right trees to cut down they came across a sacred site. They knew it was a sacred site because there was a cirlce of large rocks and on the inside the grass was green as an Oasis Frank described it. Outside the circle it was nothing but dirt and half dead trees. The third man spotted some perfect trees to make didgeridoos out of in the middle of the sacred site. Frank and his Uncle warned this man not to go in there as it was disrespectful and they knew that bad things would come! The guy didn't listen and chose to enter and started cutting down trees.

As soon as he cut the first tree they noticed red spots appearing everywhere. Frank looked down at his feet and there was blood all around them and all over the ground, it was just coming up out of the ground. Obviously they chose to leave but the other guy still took the wood back to the shop.

As soon as they arrived home nothing was going right, bad luck was at every turn, so three days later Frank and his uncle decided they'd take the wood back. The other man didn't have enough guts to go back!! When they arrived back to the site the blood was still on the ground and it was still wet. Both of them placed the wood back in the site and as soon as the wood touched the ground all the blood started to dry up. They left as soon as they arrived!

On the way back they decided to stop at a little town (for what reason I don't know hungry or something), when they approached a little corner store the noticed an aboriginal elder at the front in a rocking chair just keeping to himself. When they were just about to enter the store the elderly man said " I've been waiting for you two, I know you have found one sacred site out there! There is another two out there ok and I suggest you never come back!" That was it, they turned, went to there car and left and they say they've never been back.

(Very unusual Dean the grass was green as but the trees were dead?????? Was it an invitiation to see if they would dis-respect the site?)



Location: Yarraba

Frank has a deaf brother and he can't speak as well. Frank, his brother and once again there was a third party (no name though), were out camping at Yarraba. I don't know what they were doing out there, but there was two little huts relatively close to each other. Frank and the other guy were camping in one and his brother was sleeping in the other one alone. With him being deaf obviously his other senses were very good. He woke up from his sleep as he felt something right next to him, (He was sleeping near a window by the way) and as he looked out the window there it stood. Around 7-8 ft tall there was a hairy beast staring at him from only a foot away at the
max! He obviously panicked ran outside while this thing was outside and headed for the other hut.

He ran into the other hut and said to Frank "There's fucking something outside!" And all Frank could say back was "I thought you were deaf and couldn't speak!" And by the end of the night they were all next to each other scared shitless!!

Apparently he was so quick between the two huts all you could hear was one door open then shut and the other one open and shut no foot noise nothing. Must have been scared of something.




Location: Near Normington


Frank was shooting roos with a few mates one night and the were scanning the spotlight through the fields and as they started to move it of to the right something black shot like a bullet through the beam of the light of to the left. So the spotlight turned to the left to see what it was and there was and a roo only 3-4 ft tall was standing there. Then out of the blue a big black cat come from no where and to the poor things head right off with one swipe of it's paw! The couldn't believe what they saw so they drove over and found a decapetated roo lying there.

After seeing that everyone slept on the ground outside the car still with a loaded gun in there hand except for Frank. Nothing else happened that night, but the next morning they woke to the farmer yelling at them telling them to come and check out his coop. All his chickens were dead the coop was ripped apart and so was his chickens, they was nothing left.

On the way home the following night this big black panther looking thing stepped right out in front of there car and just looked at them, then ran of into the bushes.

He said it was as big as a large German Sheperd if not bigger but it looked like a panther, but the weird thing was he said the face was flat as if it was hit by a car, it's snout didn't come out like a normal cats it was just flat. In his words "It was an ugly mean motherfuXXer."




Location: Tablelands somewhere

The guy I was staying with told me of the Melan monster, apparently just a huge cat thing. Well his mate was coming home from a local dance one night and this huge cat looking thing just walked out in front of his car and then took of when it reached the bushes on the other side.

Sam said if you want to go looking for it you will only see it at night because that's when it feeds.











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