Location: Canarvon Gorge, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Dec 1998 2am

Name: Adrianne 39


We were on a camping holiday with a friend who is a Botanist and my two children in December to collect some cycad seeds.


My daughter and son were in one tent with me one night and at 2.30am something which sounded like a stick landed on top of the tent and woke me up.


At first when the stick hit the tent and I heard all the noises, I was about to get out of the tent and abuse someone.


I was also busting and needed to go to the toilet. I was at the front of the tent about to get out, when I noticed something moving around outside.


No more than 30m away from me in an open area with only a few trees, I could see figures. They weren’t Gorillas, not dogs or kangaroos, but also not Human and big enough to be a threat. Our tent was under a tree out of the moonlight, so they couldn’t see me thank God.


They were jumping around throwing stocks and rocks. My daughter was awake too. She heard the noises, but my son was asleep.


The noises were half human half animal sort of thing. Like grunting and growling noises. I was looking through the fly mesh with the front of the tent open and they were pretty clear looking down the slope in the moonlight.


There were about 6 or 7 of them; looked like they were playing or something. Bashing rocks and sticks, and hitting each other.


They weren’t over 6ft tall, they weren’t massive like the ones you read about. There were about 3 bigger ones and two smaller ones. They were about my height but a bit hunched over like an old person. They were on two legs, then rolling around, and jumping etc


Their arms were definitely longer than ours; almost down to about their knees. They were quite hairy, long browny/Red hair about 10/15cm long.


Luckily they had their backs to me and not looking my way because if they saw me, I felt I would be history.


I watched them for 15 to 20 minutes.


The bigger ones were playing by themselves hitting each other with big sticks with solid whacks over the back and the head, and they others were just running around throwing rocks at each other and making noises. It was pretty violent, but there was no sign of any pain. I don’t know if it was a family or some type or ritual?


Then they sniffed, maybe they heard something, they all stood still and then ran straight down into the bush.



They didn’t look like Gorillas, more like Cro-Magnon man, but with a lot more hair.


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