Location: Canarvon Gorge, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Dec 1998 2am

Name: Adrianne 39

A very remote national park in QLD. In an ancient gorge. The place is not always accessible due to seasonal flooding however, I was fortunate and also terrified to encounter a group of yowies whilst peering out of my tent.


They were noisy, very strong and their smell was gross. There is everything a group of yowies would need to survive in this area. Historically, two aboriginal tribes lived at each end of the gorge but neither would live in it? The gorge is  surrounded with high set caves. The aboriginals wouldn't live there also but there is historical evidence of artwork in a particular area of the gorge done by women and children.


They stunk, and were noisy (breaking sticks and smashing rocks). They looked like long haired people but were hunched over and had bowed legs and longer arms than us. They made sort of human/ape grunting sounds if you can imagine it.


They were various sizes the tallest being about 177 cm (but hunched over).


They were on ground that sloped down from me and my tent was fortunately out of the moonlight. I`m sure I froze in fear and held my breath for as long as possible. I`d only woken up to nature`s call but managed to hold on till morning.


They played for a good 15 to 20 minutes and then ran off down towards the path to the caves.


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