Date: 1978/79

Location: Canungra, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1978/79

Source: Interview with Pauline Haimes re her deceased husband Max



We are both Rock hounds, and my husband and I used to spend our weekends in the bush and by creeks fossicking for rocks, there’s a lot of agate around there. He was in the army.

At the time of the sighting there was a huge bushfire coming right towards the Army Camp from Mt Tambourine.

They were on a hill named The Mango Hill, fighting the fire for the Army Fire Services, trying to stop the fire from getting to the camp to protect all the Quarters and the Armory, it was getting close to the point where we were almost evacuated. It wasn’t that late, as it wasn’t overly dark.

My husband and another soldier were fighting the fire on this Mango Hill when they saw these two dark figures running through the bush. The tall figures were making grunting noises.

My husband and his friend, tried to stop them, yelling to go back. It appeared the two creatures were heading straight toward the main part of the fire. He said that there was no visible sign of clothing.

I’m not sure if he told anyone else about it, but we discussed it quite a lot after that day, as we used to hear them at night. You would hear growling noises and he’d always say "There’s the Yowies again".

It was not a human sound, more a high-pitched moaning, not like any other animal sound. We had spent a lot of time in the bush, so we were pretty familiar with the normal noises of the bush.

We had spent some time in India at the foot of the Himalaya’s so had heard a lot of stories about the Yeti too.






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