Location: Scotchy Pocket, Queensland


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: September, 1998

Terrain: Cane Plantation

Time: 5.30pm






It was about 5:30 pm nearing to dark, and I was working on a property about 14 kms from Gunalda at a place called Scotchy Pocket, I live about 40 kms away. The tractor had broken down close to the sheds, so I had to get underneath to try to fix it.



The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, you know that feeling like someone has walked over your grave and I looked back to see this large black thing run across the yard and into the cane on the other side. I thought nothing of it, and went back to work under the tractor trying to fix the problem.



Again, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, like you are shivering, and I came back out from under the tractor and looked over my left shoulder. The creature was about 60 to 70 feet away, running back across the yard in the opposite direction, round behind the shed into a small group of trees. It was travelling pretty fast, I would say as fast as a man sprinting. The general area was cane, with a clearing through the middle, for the homestead and back to the sheds where I was.



The creature was about 7-1/2 to 8 foot tall. It has a heavy solid build I would estimate approximately 140 kilos. The arms were swinging at the sides, but not held up like a human when they run. It just looked like a brown big hairy person running across the yard.



I would have only seen it the second time for 4 or 5 seconds. It was running upright like a human, and appeared to have a normal neck.



I don't recall any smell. The area it ran over was well grassed, so there was no trace of footprints. But I do remember it had huge feet, which had long hair on top. I think the hair was longer on the arms, than the rest of the body, and they hung down lower than a humans.



I don't remember any sounds at all, only the hairs standing up on my neck.



I told a few of the locals, but they generally thought me silly or weird.




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