Location: Kenilworth (Sunday Creek Road), Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: April, 1998

Terrain: Pine forest




Easter 1998 the 4 day horse riding endurance event john was sitting on a checkpoint deep in the forest. It was the middle of the night many of the riders had been through and there was not a sound.

John was sitting waiting for the next rider when he heard this ''thump thump thump'' the gallop of a horse he thought.

He looked down the track which was littered with saplings there was something ploughing through the saplings towards him it was knocking them down.

John thought at first it was a horse that bolted that slipped into the saplings but after a few more tumbled toward him he knew it was no horse. He picked up his ''two thousand candle light" torch and shone it down the track.

This thing stopped coming towards and took off in to the bush. John walked up the track to where the saplings were broken he could smell a very strong ''fox urine, gamey sickly sort of stench'' in the air the trees were knocked flat to the ground there was no horse or anything to be seen and if it were a horse ploughing down the saplings it would have been very hurt as they were quite developed and thick.

John was feeling very insecure he had that feeling of someone watching him and he could still smell that scent very strong and close so he walked back to the checkpoint.

He stayed wide awake for the rest of his shift he didn't notice anything after that encounter but he felt was being watched.








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