Location: Jimbour, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Summer, 2004

Time: 8pm




I was staying with my sister and she was living in a little farm house at a place called Jimbour.


We went out to work in the afternoon, then heading back home at 8pm. We came around a corner in the little truck with the headlights on and we caught this unusual being standing upright with one arm on the tree and he looked like he was about to run across the road, but because it was caught in the headlights, it was just caught where it was.


The hair was kind of long and shaggy, a bit like a German Sheppard’s hair.. The colour was sandy, or the colour of the Earth. It wasn’t very tall. It would have been between 4 and 5ft tall. He had his arm against the tree like he was about to propel himself off the tree to run across the road. It was amazing.


He just stood there next to the tree like he was stunned.



There was myself, my sister and a friend in the front of the truck and we all saw it. We saw it for 20-30 seconds before we drove passed it (15ft away). I wanted to go back but my sister wouldn’t.

At the time we all drew pictures of it. We don’t have them now. Saw the arms and legs, it was shaggy and the eyes were yellow in the car lights. Hair was 4” long all over the body. Arms were longer than norm

al. But it had a normal build.

It was something I’ve never seen before.



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