Location: Kenilworth (within 10km radius), Queensland


Event: Camp Stalked


Date: April 2, 2005


Terrain: Sparse forest with long grass. No moon.


Source: Witness contacted AYR 10/04/05 via phone.







Witness regularly uses this area for Deer hunting.


Both “C” and friend were dropped off in bushland for a weekend hunting trip and walked several kilometres into a remote area using game trails.


In the late afternoon the pair set camp next to a fallen Gum tree by a steep ridge. In their possession were certain fresh Deer parts from a recent kill. 


The surrounding terrain contained a sparse amount of trees on open ground, however the blade grass and bracken was very long and thick with several game trails leading through the dense undergrowth.


At 6.30pm while cooking packet macaroni and cheese on their small gas cooker, the forest became silent and uneasiness fell through the camp.


Just on dusk the two heard someone loping down one of the game trails towards them. Thinking it was a person, one of the men remarked, “Who is this?”


The footsteps ended 10m away from where they sat and all was silent. The men sat frozen and watching, while a sickly sweat stench resembling a cross between and Fox and Boar flowed through the air.


Suddenly a huge intake of air was heard only 10m away. The two looked in the direction of the intruder, but saw nothing. Slowly, they felt for their LED head torches and gun. They hit the area with light, but nothing could be seen.


Both men were concerned because it what they were hearing was without doubt on two legs and moved like a Human, however the large breath and behaviour, along with spine tingling feelings and goose bumps signified something else. Something they have never encountered before.


The creature slowly retreated. Not long after it came again, this time from another angle and stood there watching the two. As it stood, they could hear it moving its feet as it re-positioned itself.


Once again they shone the lights in its direction, which in turn resulted in another retreat only to have it stalk them yet again from another angle. The creature relentlessly stalked the camp and at times became aggressive and charged at the men menacingly. “It was like this thing had nightvision”, “C” remarked. “It was circling the camp and running in at us from all directions. We used the torch lights to repel it each time when it got too close. It really stunk.


It was a thinker too. It was calculated in it’s actions. It changed its pattern according to the wind. Not only did it move with the wind to try and cover its noise, but it also stayed up wind so we couldn't smell it."



For the entire night the two endured continual intimidation attempts as they sat clasping their gun and lights.


By daybreak the creature had finally lost interest and disappeared. Although shaken by their ordeal, the two vow to return to search for the answers ……












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