Location: Kenilworth (Booloumba Creek), Queensland

Event: Audible Report

Date: 2006



Hi Dean,

In 2006 we being my wife and eldest and youngest step daughters went on a camping trip to Booloumba Creek. I am what I believe to be experienced as far bush walking goes and being an ex-hunter.

I saw and we heard certain things that don't add up we put it down to deers that frequent the area and it scared us, total freak out moment, after reading a lot info from your site I believe we  had a close encounter of the hairy kind, not that we saw it but definitely heard it and I possibly saw sign of it, and I have never seen this sort of sign before.... 

We went for a so-called short walk to the old gold mine which my wife who had been there before years ago and said it was easy to get 2 as the tracks were well marked..umm first mistake, on the way there we met a odd man who when thinking now he looked shocked he didn't say anything to us just kept making a beeline outta here sort of walk.

At the time we just shook our heads and continued our safari we came 2 a cross roads of sorts 1 sign said 500mtr to mine the other said 900mtrs we took option 2.

I noticed  palm trees 1's about my height I'm 6ft1 and lower chewed off and I mean chewed off we put down 2 deer's as there is a few about half way the track sort of well disappeared and when we found the holes dug in the ground and they were big holes the sort that pigs dig, round that time we heard a huge commotion to our left like something bulldozing the bush.

We couldn't see it but heard it that's when we decided to bee line it the opposite direction because not only were the girls feeling it but so was I, even though I had a BIG stick we hassled out of there the strange thing as soon a we left the noise abated and I won't be going back in hurry...

Also I seen strange stick patterns I just it down 2 people being funny?

This might be harmless and nothing, I've bushwalked alone most of life seen some amazing sites but this was weird just plain weird...







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