Location: Kilcoy (Sandy Creek), Queensland

Event: Shot taken at Yowie

Date: 1980

Terrain: Pine Forest



A well known case of a Yowie being shot by two youths was in 1980. Warren Christenson and Tony Solano were pig hunting with a .22 riffle when they stopped for lunch near Sandy Creek, about 4km from Kilcoy.

They heard the thumping of the massive feet from hundreds of metres away, when the Yowie came into view at 20 metres, they took a shot at the creature claiming to have hit it. They tried for a second shot, however the Yowie ran off too fast

They described the Yowie as a dirty dark brown colour and almost 3m tall. It had a sulphuric smell and took huge strides.

They said it had doubled back behind them, so they retreated down the creek to keep an open line of fire in case the creature attacked. But that was the last they saw of it.

Later they found broken branches of trees and footprints which they cast while attempting to track the Yowie.







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