Location: Laidley, Queensland

Event: Yowie Roadside Sighting

Date: Aug. 2001

Source: The Queensland Times - Caroline Page



Is there a Mulgowie Yowie? Laidley Police were called to Mulgowie Rd early yesterday morning after a caller reported an ape-like creature crossing the road.


Senior Constable Johns said the local lady who saw the creature was sane and lucid when he spoke to her. "I have to admit curiosity got the better of me and I took the lady out to where she saw the creature on the side of the road near the McGarri road crossing at about midnight," Snr Const Johns said.


"The lady distinctly remembers she was travelling along the road, a short distance behind her friend as they had been catering at a party, using only low beam headlights. On the right hand side of the road, she saw something which looked like an ape or orang-outang approaching the road. It had lightish-brown fur and was walking on all fours and it ambled across the road."


Snr Const Johns said the creature had a distinctive bare bottom. Snr Const Johns said there was a sighting up in the hills behind Laidley about 18 years ago. The sighting was common knowledge at the time.







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