Location: Laidley, Queensland

Event: Yowie Roadside Sighting

Date: Aug, 2001

Source: The Chronicle - Susan Searle.



A Lockyer Valley Hotel last night was abuzz as amateur detectives (AYR Yowiehunters), wrangled with the news the Mulgowie Yowie was back.

Hotelier Mr. Robert Vidler said "investigations" were yet to unearth any witnesses.


"We think one of the long-haired locals could be responsible, but we're not able to come across anyone yet," he said. "And the hotel wasn't even open last night - so I can't be blamed."


Snr Const Johns of Laidley Police, last night sprang to the defence of the surprised woman who spotted an "ape-like creature with a bare bottom" on the Mulgowie road early yesterday morning. "The woman is a respectable woman and had not been drinking. She was perfectly certain of what she saw and there was no deviation in her story," he said yesterday.


The stunned woman watched as the "orang-utan-like" creature "no larger than an Alsatian" dog strolled across the road in front of her car. She called Police.


Snr Const Johns was just finishing his shift at midnight when the call came in. "Curiosity got the better of me," he conceded.

He linked up with the woman and went back to the intersection of Mulgowie and McGarrigal roads. He surveyed the area where the creature "ambled" from an unfenced paddock.


The legend of the Mulgowie Yowie dates back some 18 years when a creature was sighted in the foothills behind Laidley.







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