Location: Mt. Isa, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: September, 1979

Time: 6pm




I was just a kid at the time working on what was back then, Ardmore Station out of Mt. Isa. It’s between Mt.Isa and Dajarra. I was working there as a Jackeroo. There was about 12 of us including a few black fellows and some other white ringers.

We all saw it.


It was just on dusk or around 6pm, and we were all sitting around on our swags having dinner. The cook had a caravan and there was a Border collie tied up under the van.

The dog started screaming it’s head off. I have never heard anything like it. I’ve never heard a dog yelp like that, it was just horrific. We all looked over and this thing was standing in front of it. We were looking at its back and it wasn’t moving. Then the dog was silent. You could hear a pin drop, then this thing loped off. My view of it loping off was side on.


The dog was dead.

I believe the dog died of fright. I think its heart gave out.


The only reason this animal came to our attention was because the dog was literally screaming, and it was standing there only about 30ft away and we all saw it. It was like a small ape. It was brown with long hair. We couldn’t see the dog because this thing was standing in front of it, but it was screaming, then suddenly silent.


We were having dinner. I was sitting on my swag with a plate on my knee. We were eating and there’s this thing that looked like a small ape.


It wasn’t that tall. The black fellas there called it a Junjari / Junjardi. They said there’s two different types. There’s the big ones and the small ones, and the small ones are the ones to look out for. They are meat eaters. They’re the ones you don’t want to get involved with.


They tracked it for a while, but they tracks just stopped and went nowhere.


It was stooped over. If it stood up, I’d say probably about 5ft. It wsn’t skinny like a rake, but it wasn’t big like a gorilla either. It was solid, but there was a lot of hair on it. It was a kelpie colour with long brown hair. It was longer than a bears hair.


It didn’t look at us. The black fellas said it’s rare for them to show themselves to white people, they see them all the time, but for white people to see them is rare. Everybody was speechless. Jaws dropped. Then the black fellas kept saying Jungari, Jungari…..


After the dog stopped yelping, it sort of just loped off.


We walked over and checked the dog and it was dead.


I didn’t hear anything or smell anything.



A very freaking thing that happened just before the incident, I got a letter from my mother. She had cut out an article from the Womans Weekly and put in in the letter.

She had absolutely no way of knowing I was camping in the exact place where this took place. The story was about a group of men who were camped at the 8 mile camp at Ardmore Station back in the 1950’s. This is the article she sent me in the letter.


Apparently, they were sleeping in two men tents. One of these guys called Roy. He was a Chinese-Aboriginal. His mate woke up in the middle of the night while Roy was screaming his head off. He was disappearing under the side of the tent.


His mate grabbed his shoulders and started pulling back. It was like a tug of war with him, and whatever had Roy. His mate won, and managed to pull him back into the tent. His legs were cut to ribbons nearly down to the bone.


I got this in a letter from my mother the exact SAME DAY and only hours before, as our Yowie experience.




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