Location: Mt Tamborine, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: May, 1992

Source: Gold Coast Bulletin. 19th of May 1982 - Peter Caton



Yowies have become all the rage in the northern Gold Coast hinterland, where the mystery monster was spotted by three horsemen a week ago.

Yowie songs, Yowie jokes and Yowie cartoons have become the order of the day on the river plains north of Tamborine Mountain, even though the three bushmen are still sticking to their story. The three men - a farmer, a fencer and a saddler - say they were mustering on the steep northern slopes of Tamborine last Tuesday when their dogs took fright and they spotted the huge grey creature walking slowly through the bush.

Now the nearest watering hole, the historic Logan Village Inn Hotel, is full of Yowie stories every night.

In fact, the quiet roadside pub is set to challenge the big Yowie capital of Advancetown where Yowie burgers are the tradition. Most Yowies have been sighted nearer to Advancetown, south of Nerang, in the past, but now Tamborine and Logan Village locals are wondering if the puzzling primate has moved further north to escape the publicity.

The three bushmen have refused television interviews about their sighting because they say the story has been told and that is that. But now their neighbours are talking about 'strange happenings' on the mountain spurs behind Tamborine and sounds in the night that have spooked their normally fearless blue cattle dogs.

"I've never seen so many blokes cop so much ribbing, but they are still deadly serious about what they saw," said the man who's heard all the Yowie stories of late, Logan Village publican, Graham McDonald.







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