Location: Mt Tamborine


Event: Yowie Roadside Sighting


Date: 1980


Witness: C. Ingham


Time of day: Between 7 and 9pm



In 1980, My parents then managed the "Tamborine Mountain Motel " the one next door to St Bernard’s  in Alpine terrace.

At the time I was 8 years of age. My grandad owned the motel which is how my parents were the managers. I went to school at " St Bernard’s State School ".

I can't exactly remember who I was with. But I'll try my best.

I had been off the mountain for a day out. ( with whom I can't remember ) It was upon my return to the mountain that night that I had my sighting.

We Were driving up the ' Oxenford-Tamborine ' road and there is a section that comes around a corner but is flanked by 20 foot ( at least ) hills , it sought of resembles a theme park track (where you are encased by a hugging road, and don't know what is around the corner ).

It was very dark and as we came around the corner I could see before the headlights of the car were in position a very large dark figure jump onto the road , but I could not make out what it was.

It was rather tall 7 to 9 feet , It seemed black in colour, very hairy. It was odd as the face was almost human, but still gorilla like. It was also quite solid. I also remember it had rather long forearms. Then as the lights came around I then saw what I described above. It was a very tall gorilla type looking human. It looked totally black in colour ( but that could have something to do due to the night being pitch black )

I noticed that it had rather long forearms , and thought it was odd that it had an almost human like face , but sill gorilla like.

Before we got to close in the car it jumped out of view. where it went I don't know. All this happened so quickly that when I questioned the driver about what we just saw , he seemed to know nothing of what I was talking about.

So I put it down to maybe a couple of kids having fun.

The reason that I decided to post this sighting is because today the 3rd of May 2006, I took a rare day off and went to Springbrook to enjoy a stress free day out. Brought back memories.

While having lunch I ran into " Gary Opit " who conducts 4x4 safaris. He had a plaster cast of a foot print and a whole file filled with ' Yowie ' sightings.












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