Location: Mt Tamborine (Eagle Heights), Queensland

Event: Audible

Date: 1995

Terrain: Mountains, deep valleys and cliffs with thick rainforest.



A man arriving home from working a late shift on the Gold Coast, around midnight, heard loud growling noises at the rear of his yard. The back of his yard backed onto rain forest and is a part of the Great Dividing Range which stretches along of the eastern side of Australia. He stood there and listened for around five minutes trying to work out what it was. "Koala" was the first thing I thought, but it was just too big and I'd never seen any there before, Wild Boar was the other thing but we don't have any in my area and the thrashing about indicated something "bigger".

"I had never heard anything like it before in my life". This awful aggressive grunting, snorting and growling. It was obviously bipedal, as I could hear every step.  Things were being thrown around and I had the chills, I don't know how long this had been going on before I got home or if my headlights set it off when I arrived home because they point in that direction from the driveway".

The man ran into the House and found a torch, he stood at the side of the House not game to go any further. I shone that torch around for a long time, but the bush was just too thick, "I knew exactly where it was but do you think I was going down there by myself?"

After 15 minutes of confusion it had all stopped. The next day he made many phone calls to try to get some rationality on the matter, "Koalas and Pigs" were the responses, but these were all ideas from people who didn't live in the area.

"To this day, I am sure that it was not one of our little native Animals, it was just too big and loud. It was throwing things around down there !!"







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