Location: Ormeau, Queensland

Date: April/May 2003

Event: Yowie Encounter

Terrain: Wooded area/plateau

Witness: Jason C



Hi Dean,

My job that day was to clear the trees from the hill side so that a house could be built into the side of it. The hill side itself was at a 45 degree angle so as you can imagine, I was hanging from ropes and the likes to make sure I didn’t fall to the bottom of the cliff. I had already cut down a few big Gum Trees, and they made a hell of a crash as they hit the ground below which was a fair way down. I stopped the chainsaw after 45 minutes into the job, so that I could change the chain on it and my eye caught something moving below.

I stopped what I was doing and my attention was focused on this really ugly looking thing with hair all over its body. It was sitting crouched in the bushes 200metres down the slope staring back at me. It had a beard and stuff! It looked like a really ugly human with dark brown hair all over it. The only place it didn’t have any hair was around its eyes and nose. The nose was flattened and the head quite large to the proportion of its body form.

It suddenly stood up, and now I was looking at it from the waste up and the hair on its body was matted with mud and other debris and looking quite filthy like it hadn’t bathed. The face was like??.not like a monkey or ape, but more like a really ugly man. If this were a person dressed up in a suit, he would have to be in the height range of a tall basket ball player and built solidly. But this thing didn’t act nor look human. It had a very angry look on its face, like it wasn’t happy with me being there. It wasn’t a puzzled look, just an angry one.

After both staring at each other for 10 seconds, it took off behind a tree where it continued to observe me from that position for a further10 seconds. It then crouched back down, and started moving away from the area in a funny side to side motion. It soon blended into the bushland and disappeared from site. The noise it was making as it left the area was as though he was tearing up the bushland throwing a temper tantrum like a child would.

I heard what sounded like big rocks being thrown around and smaller trees breaking and snapping and by now the noise was coming back toward me. Then the bush was silent. No noise from birds or other animals could be heard.

I thought to myself, right-O, time to pack up my gear and get the hell out of here before it comes back. So I had to climb a little way back up the hill to get back to my vehicle, trying to keep hold of my gear as well as grab onto tufts of grass to haul myself back up to safety. Suddenly I felt as though the thing was right behind me, and it must have ran through the bush ahead of me without my seeing or hearing it, and by the noise and commotion it appeared to be close to where my car was parked. It then did a half moon manoeuvre on me, like it was going to try and cut me off from my car.

So I’m running on a diagonal, away from my car now, and still running uphill trying to get to a clearing. I finally made it to the road, nothing came out at me, and the noises stopped. I didn’t know what to make of the whole experience. I was scared shitless for the duration of the encounter. I knew this thing wasn’t human after it stood up, and if I was to put its face in a category, I would say it resembled a Neanderthal man.


The forehead was wide and flat and also protruding, more than a normal human’s forehead. The eyes were big, but deep. The hair around its face was around 3 inches long; on its body the hair was not quite as long. The skin was a dark pigment dirtied with mud. My height is 5ft 11, and taking that into consideration and having an educated guess, I would say that it was around 9ft tall with a solid build.


I'm estimating that it weighed 3 times my body weight, with its arms reaching down to the knees and running in a side to side motion. The speed of this animal was mind blowing to me with its legs seeming very un-humanly the way it moved.


To this day I am still wondering if I had imagined the whole thing and I wasn’t a believer of such things until my encounter.



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