Location: Ormeau, Queensland


Event: Audible


Date: 2000


Witness: Nat





Load grunting noise like no animal I have ever heard but kind of sounded like a talking grunt. slowly proceeded up hill while making progressive grunts. Did not hang around to see what the creature/animal was.
Terrain : thick bush steep hill, clearing at top of hill, Ormeau Hills before complete development, lot of bushland, close to road.
Other comments :


1999-2000 - My friend and I had driven to Ormeau Hills just after midnight to view the full moon after being at a party. We were lying on the bonnet of my car quietly talking when I freaked out about a spider web on the windscreen wipers and we both started screaming and carrying on about it.


We then calmed downed and lay back on the bonnet when we heard heavy footsteps proceeding up the hill to where my car was parked. We got off the bonnet and walked over to where the footsteps were coming from but then started to hear a strange grunting or moaning sound.


We both had never heard it before and we were trying to describe what it was.


When we continued to here the crunching footsteps getting closer and the noise getting louder we started to get a bit freaked out. Then I had remembered previously going to that spot with some guy friends that lived and used to camp in Ormeau and had told us of the Ormeau Yowie that we had constantly laughed and not believed.


Once I could no longer think of anything this groaning sound could be I instantly said to my friend it's the f****n Ormeau Yowie get in the car. We both got in the car and locked the doors.


I drove as fast as I could all the way to her house in Helensvale and we could not sleep all that night from the fear of the event.


We then spoke to the guys that lived in Ormeau and asked if what we had heard was what they had experienced and we agreed it was the same noise. To this day no one but the Ormeau guys and my friend believe that what we thought we heard was the Ormeau Yowie.


I looked up this web site out of curiosity of the Ormeau Yowie and thought I would tell you my story and my friend can confirm that.


I have never been so scared in my whole entire life of something that I did not know. I never returned to that spot and it is now a completely developed Ormeau Hills Estate.












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