Location: Rockhampton, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1995



Mr. Todd reports

"Here is what I recall of my encounter I was around 12 and was with my
best friend at a camp we were taken on by a church youth group we attended.

The location somewhere aprox. 1.5hrs nth of Rockhampton in around July,
August. A few weird things happened like one night the camp leaders came all
rushing in everyone's dorm torches lit sure they were going to find out who
was out of there bed after lights out, as they had been watching 2 figures
creeping around windows that were not much bigger than 4.5 ft tall.

What they found was that everyone was where they were supposed to be and the day
after became it must of been kangaroos or something else.

MY personal encounter was when my friend and I were off on a little hike on our own the bush was very thick like rainforest and lots of thick bushy vines in which were impenetrable but seemed weird as some had dead wood assembled or so it
looked like small huts and we joked how they would make excellent cubby's, we
walked along for a while and then my friend froze and I turned to see what
was going on and he pointed up over my shoulder I looked and about 30mts up
the trail about 2 mtrs up a tree was this rather big monkey looking creature
with reddish orange hair looking right at us.

It jumped from the tree and you could distinctly see arms and legs as it was jumping down.

It was easily the same size as us and we were fit 12 year olds. Needless to say we
were turned and running before it landed on the ground and we ran for a good
15 mins before we got back to the camp site and not once did either of us look back.

Back at camp we told our story and were told oh it must of been a
tree kangaroo, strangely after this and the night before event that nights
animal spot light hike was changed to a bonfire sing along and  I do not
know what happened that night but we woken in the morning to be told we were
leaving a day early due to incoming bad weather ( it was overcast as I
recall never even rained ) we left camp and that was it of the matter.

I know what I had seen and it was no kangaroo. My other encounter was in about
1995 camping with family in the Maleny district I was out getting fire wood
in the dark with my dog (savage dog). We came to a trail
leading on to thick scrub I went to head up it but my dog would not follow. 


T. Todd







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