Location: Redbank, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: August, 1989

Time: 1.30pm



It was down off the end of Henty Drive, but Henty Drive didn’t go down that far down back in 1989.There was an old quarry at the time and myself and my friend Dave were wagging School because it was a Sports Day and we weren’t sports minded kids.


This was a pretty horrific experience for me and I’ve never really had these feelings of fear like I did on this day.


We met at the end of Russel Drive, there were only about 3 or 4 houses and you didn’t have the estate back then, it was all long grass and cattle. We were walking along trying to catch Crayfish near Goodna Creek behind where is now Benjamina Drive (Just fields at the time), and this is something we would do almost every day after School or on Weekends. We always felt very comfortable in there.



We had made a small little fire in an alcove in the thicket, near major powerlines and the creek. The wind was constant as it normally was in August. There was a Y shaped Falk in the tree and I had my back to it. I felt uneasy for some reason so I changed position. David was on the other side of the fire to me. All of a sudden the wind stopped and all the insects stopped. Until then all the insects and cicadas were chirping and then suddenly you could hear a pin drop. It was an eerie feeling. Everything went dead silent and it almost felt like a pressure in the air, like tension? It was a weird feeling.


We were staring into the creek and I caught this blur. There was a huge thump and we saw a Kangaroo, then we saw the Yowie. It wasn’t a large Yowie, it was only about the size of one of my young daughters and it looked like it was going for the Kangaroo, but then saw us and then deviated behind a tree stump which was about the size of a barrel. It had crouched down and I could see its hands and the top of its head from about the nostrils upwards. Its hands were around the tree and almost together and it was squatting there watching us.


I was startled at first, then paralysed by fear.



It had the freakiest eyes I’ve ever seen, almost like teddy bear eyes, they were almost like black buttons, shiny and they pierced right through you. To me it felt hypnotic.


I couldn’t stop looking at it, then I turned to Dave and said ‘Dave, are you seeing what I’m seeing?’ and he said yes. I was 170cm tall back then (close to 5’7”), and this thing was smaller than me but it terrified me. I was too scared to even get up and run. I think Dave was in the same position, so that’s why we sat there for what seemed to be an eternity.


In a way, it looked Monkeyish and for a moment there I was trying to tell myself it was just a monkey that’s escaped from a Zoo. At the time we had Astons Circus that would actually stop there in Redbank Plains.



Sometimes I would wonder if it was a monkey, but then again it didn’t really look like a monkey. It did in some ways but not in others. The arms were really long. When it was chasing the Kangaroo it was very quick. When I saw it side on I could see it had a dark ginger’ish colour but the hair on the head was like a dark brown. The fingers were thick and shiny black, which was the same as the face. It was pretending to look down and look around but would make glances at us, if that makes any sense. It would occasionally look for longer, but it would break the stare. It was an exaggerated and obvious deliberate evasion of eye contact. It would look down and to its side (display of non-aggression).


When we did run, I don’t think I’ve ever ran harder or faster ever in my life.


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