Location: Camp Kerr, Tin Can Bay, Queensland


Event: Yowie Encounter during Military Training Ops


Date: 1992.







It was reported and independently confirmed to the AYR that a unit of 6 Military personnel were evacuated from a training mission after their mobile base camp was attacked at night during an operation.


It was a 4-week mission for the 6 men who were roll playing as "the bad guys". Their camp was a couple of Km from the main Military base and their location was secret to the rest of the participants of the drill.


When they returned each night at dusk after a full day, one man was relegated the task of the perimeter search of 300m of their mobile base. It was into the 3rd week of the operation when the soldier who was performing this, returned with concerns that he was being followed and had feelings of being watched.


In the coming days they all became concerned at their camp and decided to put two people out performing the check each night. Both came back with the same news.


At the beginning of the 4th week they received a much welcome food drop of meat to their camp. After the perimeter search of the night they had dinner, climbed in their tent and went to sleep.


At 2am they were all shockingly woken to loud screaming and running through the bush. Their tent dropped on the men as they lay frozen in their sleeping bags listening to a frenzy of destruction around their camp. Frightened and frozen, their was little that the

soldiers could do but lye there in a state of total shock.


After the large creature left the camp, they crawled out from the tent to face the total destruction of everything around them. Interestingly, the only item missing was the ration drop of the remaining meat.


Clearly spooked, the men  radioed for an immediate e-vac. The next day a separate unit was deployed to the area to attempt to find the creature responsible. An inquiry was held and it was clear that it was no joke or prank.




This was confirmed by a former SAS instructor 7 months after our own inquiries. This particular Army Base has a long and detailed history with the Yowie stretching over 30 years to our knowledge













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