Location: Tomson River, Queensland


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: Late 1990s






Hi Dean,


Thanks for returning my email promptly.


I, as a Aboriginal from Gayndah from the Waka Waka tribe, heard stories as a kid and told never to venture off by myself.


One day when I was about sixteen I did it. Was summer during the day I walked up stream at a place called Tomsons River about 30-40 min out of town towards Kilcoy another hot spot for Yowies & Ginjari.


I went fishing had no luck near the camp site so I went looking up stream around the snags for the big fish. The strange thing was the dogs would not go past that point but my uncles tough as nails pitbullx dog came with me that day, quite reluctantly, but did because me and him were pretty good mates and he didn’t want anything to happen to me I suppose.


Well I guess I have set the scene. Ok the Ginjari are known for being pretty mischievous and like to play tricks. But there is another type of them who as I have been told to be killers that is why I was told not to go off by myself. Well I was fishing casted my line out and waited.


At this time I felt a little un easy but kept fishing. All of a sudden my line took off 100 mile an hour in a straight line like a humungus fish was on the end bent the rod right down. I was fighting it reeled it in and nothing on the end stunned because the bait was still there I shrugged it off and casted it out again Bang off it went again zipped out I reeled it in and again nothing.


I then stopped and realised that now I felt I was been watched and also realised that I had jumped onto a rock in the river to better my chances of catching this fish. And realised that I was part of a game. My uncles dog Tyson was wimpering and yelping not very loud and looking and sniffing in every direction I got chills up my back and neck just as I am getting now as I am writing this.


I took one look at the dog on the bank and sh*t myself. I was frozen because even though I couldn’t see it yet I could feel their presence. I lunged onto the bank with the rod in my hand and fell plat on my face. I then looked up and sitting in a gum tree laughing were two ginjari having a good snicker about the whole thing.


I bolted faster than I ever had before I don’t think I took a breath. I got back to our camp in about 5 seconds over about 200 meters I swear and dived into the tent.


The dog Tyson the toughest dog on earth literally ran with me but stopped about half way back and started barking wildly my uncle loved that dog and didn’t want to lose him and knows that Ginjari are known to kill dogs but he came back un harmed. I don’t reckon they would of hurt me they were just having fun at my expense.


I never went back to there again but I have heard stories about dogs being killed and people drowning. My uncle has seen them before and said that they are the protectors of the bush. And that many years ago my grandfather had a fight with one when he was logging. And other relatives have told a few tales as well. 


I honestly say that my encounter is well and truly the truth I would not lie about something like this.


So please take my account seriously as it is not a joke and I believe you wouldn’t because you have dedicated your life to the history and exploration of these mysterious creatures.


I am wondering if you have any so called hot spots myself and a couple of friends can go to try and get some evidence or even a sighting to document. I promise you will be the first to know. I do not wish to harm them or put myself in danger but am excited at the prospect of seeing one out this way.


Also about that picture of the Gayndah bear can I see it and where is it on your site. I will also give you my account of the sighting of the Yowie at Kempsey that one I was even more frightened I was younger at that time.


Anyway thanks again for returning my email.




Follow Up Email:



Hi Dean,


 believe that it was the Ginjari playing tricks because that is what they are known for pranksters. My cousin has also seen them face to face in the same place. He woke late at night and the little bugger about 1 meter tall was standing in the tent just looking at him.


Other time at a place called Devils Mountain or Hole up at Gayndah which is a strange place in deed is where they are said to live and congregate. Up there it is abnormal, the Ginjari are said to not really care who see them and other strange things happen there as well I believe it is haunted it is the oldest town in Queensland.


They have the Ghost which supposed to sit on your bonnet and guide you through the flood waters, The Gayndah Bear, The Gayndah Mermaid which is some water creature that lives in the Burnett river, and countless others.


I have seen ghosts in the old house my family owned for over 40 years and been attracted by a bad spirit in the same house. My uncle had a strange connection with Aboriginal spirits in the mountains and has told me many things about the place where I’m from.


He speaks of things that could not have been told to him from anybody in our family or let alone anybody in the town. I have seen him change into an old Aboriginal man before my eyes and time stand still around us.


He also claims to have found an axe buried in the earth up top of the mountain. It belonged to the Aboriginal God who you shouldn’t say his name who came to him and made him put it back which my aunty seen why she was in the next room through a open door.

When he took it back he said he was bestowed with the knowledge of wisdom and the laws of the land and told the future by the aboriginal god. Everybody thought he was crazy but I didn’t.


He has moved down to South Australia. But I believe everything he has told me. He predicted that the Muslims would cause great harm to the West over 7 years ago and other things as well.


That is most of what I have experienced and it has been a lot I supposed considering that I am 27 there are other things he has said that have come true as well.


I will give you my account of the Yowie encounter later. I believe that the way to know about them is through the Aboriginal people in the area or stories which you probably have done anyway if you want to learn more I can find out for you as I know a bit about it up there. 













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