Location: Picnic Point, Toowoomba

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1997

Time: Midday



While walking on a track at Picnic Point, I glanced at a tall hairy biped walking 15’ below me, through the grass. It would have been 15 to 20’ away at the most.

I walked a few more paces, stopped and looked again. It was sitting in grass under tree, back to me, looking over the valley area. I was looking at it from the back and side on.

It had black fur as on a gorilla. Very broad muscular shoulders. It probably would have weighed about the same as a Gorilla, but it was taller.


I tried to encourage it to turn its face towards me by making noises. No response.

I started to feel nervous and walked up to the lookout atop Picnic Pt. Once there, I found I could not see its location from above.


Many people were also looking across the valley, at hang-gliders over Tabletop Mt. I think Yowie was also watching them.


The Yowie was about 8-9' tall, arms to mid-thigh, and made no sound as it walked through the grass. It had long arms that were swinging by its side as it was walking. I couldn’t see it from the knees down because of the grass.


It was definitely not Human.



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