Location: Uki, Queensland
Event: Yowie Encounter
Date: April, 2007



My partner and myself headed off for an overnight camping trip. The spot we found was in Mt Jerusalem up the back of Uki. We took a fire trail off Main Arm Rd, we knew that camping was not allowed in this area but went anyway. We followed the fire trail down into a valley that was heavily timbered /rainforest type outlook and the road ended at a creek, where we set up camp.
We got a fire going and cooked up some dinner all was good.

Then at about 9.30 when we were relaxing by the fire with the car radio on, a tree approximately 5 metres away started shaking and dropping leaves. We both commented on this, as all the other trees were still. There was no apparent wind, it was a very still nite. We didn’t worry about this too much and got back to our conversation.
At around 10pm I decided to take a photo of my partner Skye from the other side of the fire, I took the photo and was surprised to see the image of a human like figure, arms outstreched and appearing to have the head tilted back screaming in the flames. I showed Skye and we became a bit spooked by this, we spoke about it for quite a while and put down to fires can do funny things!
Around 10.30pm I turned off the car radio and we got into the tent and tried to go to sleep. As we were lying there we could hear something crashing through the bush some distance away. I was trying to think of any of our native animals that would be big enough to make this sound and came up with nothing. The noise was a defined running by something massive and then it would stop and start as it got closer.
All went quite for approx 5min then the sound on large branches being snapped started, it sounded like it was right outside the tent. We were terrified, Skye was asking me what it was, and all I could say was whatever it is, its way bigger than me.
The noise became bad that I raced out of the tent with a Dolphin torch looking into the bush, the noise stoped but I could see anything. I went back into the tent nervously and we tried to go to sleep. Within 5min it started again then we could here all this splashing as if something was washing itself in the creek beside us, that went on for 10min and then it sounded like it was smashing huge branches and throwing then in our direction.

That was it for us. We flew out of tent and into the car and raced home.
The next day we met friends at Uki  and they followed us to retrieve our tent. While we were in the park taking down the tent, National Parks came in they were not happy with us being in there. They said they were going to fine us for camping in the National Park. I explained to them that we didn’t stay cause of the events.

The Ranger was very interested in our story and wanted us to do a statement. She said there are strange things going on all the time in the Park, she said their has been yowie sightings in this area before. She also stated that the local Aborigines wont even go near the park they - call it smart fella country (whatever this means).
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