Location: Upper Coomera

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1996

Time: 5.30am



I have read many stories about the Yowie, many sound fictional, what I am about to tell you actually happened.


Approximately 17 years ago, my husband at the time, two young children and myself owned a house in Amelia St, Upper Coomera, Qld.. .Now called Upper Coomera.


Mt Tamborine, Springbrook etc were renowned for the sightings of the Yowie back then, the area/s have now become quite populated.


Anyway each morning myself and my dog, spot, a blue heeler, would take off on our morning jog up and down the hills of Reserve to the end (as it didn’t go around to Oxenford back then), and back again. 



I jogged early, before 5.30 am most days. On this one particular morning I had jogged to the end and was on my way back, coming down what we use to call Reserve Road Hill, as it was quite a steep hill back then before the works that have been done since.



Sunpeaks Crt was situated at the top end of the hill. I was jogging down, and the yowie crossed the road in front of me from right to left, fastest moving creature I have seen and quiet.



It was about my height, skinny, upright, two legs two arms, like a tall skinny human covered in a red hair all over its body. Similar to a tall, upright orangutan.


My dog spot took off after the Yowie, I called out for Spot, but quite shaken, I continued my journey home and got my car to return to look for the dog. The car would be my security I suppose as we did not have mobile phones that you carried around as much back then.



When I returned to the place the yowie had crossed, my dog Spot was there with his front leg broken cleanly in two, but in a forward break


I took Spot to the vet, Owen the local vet situated at Charlies crossing. He may still have the records today, doubtful though. Spots leg was broken and the tendon had to be re attached, an unusual break?


Years have gone by, I talk about the incident more so today as I’ve met others who have had experiences with Yowies and also I am now 50 and a lot more confident within myself, so I don’t care if some don’t believe me...


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