Location: Wyandra, Queensland

Event: Yowie Roadside Sighting

Date: July 1965

Source: Unknown Newspaper Article





A local mailman saw a 6ft Yowie swagger across the road 200m ahead of him, and described it as a "hairy man". The local Policeman of the time, Snr. Con. Binigham stood up for the man’s integrity saying he was an honest and reliable man.

He also said that many of the towns folk had also found numerous footprints from the creature in the past including the towns Butcher, Publican, Baker and Graziers.

The local Garage owner Frank Colgin, said that he had also found footprints, and confirmed that there is certainly something roaming around out there and that he personally didn't want to meet up with it.

Mr L. Summerfield, a local station owner, said that he found prints on his property that lasted about 100 yards before petering out.








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