Location: Yandina, Queensland

Event: Yowie Roadside Sighting

Date: July, 2010




Hi Dean,


For what it's worth, I thought I would let you know of a strange sighting by myself on the Bruce Highway between Eumundi and Yandina on Friday 9th July at about 5 - 5.15pm.
I was driving from Gympie, heading south to Brisbane  on a straight stretch of road somewhere between Eumundi and Yandina (not sure of exact location, except it was a straight stretch of road with a down hill incline. 

There was a patch of forest on the west side of the highway, and a clearing on the east side, with a road ramping onto the highway), where I noticed a dark figure standing in the green island in the middle of the highway.  I thought it was strange that someone would be crossing the highway at that location.
At this time of day, the sun was setting however it wasn't dark.  At this stage, I thought it was a boy as it was about 5 feet tall.   I presumed "the boy" had made a crossing to the middle strip of the highway from the forest prior to this.  I was between 100 and 150m  away from it travelling at 110km/hr. 

The nearest cars (both lanes) were about 100m or so in front of me.  I noticed this figure was waiting for the cars to pass (I saw the movement of its head as if it was calculating the right moment to cross), before it made a sprint to the other side of the road. 

This was when I completely took notice, as it was completely black - no visible skin, no clothing, and it sprinted at a phenomenal rate across the road (bipedal, like a human).  From what I saw, I would say that it was covered completely with black hair.  I didn't get to see the face or other details at that distance.
I reached the point where it had crossed about a second or so later, and lost sight of it as it had sprinted over the ramp and into the clearing behind.
I thought about whether it was a kid dressed up in a suit, playing a prank but the fact that this thing sprinted at a phenomenal rate and didn't hang around when it crossed the highway had me wondering.  As this crossing happened on a busy highway, I'm sure other drivers must have seen it as well.
I hope this little bit of information might be of some use.







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