Location: Koumala Range, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Jan, 2011

Time: Night



Hi Dean,


I’ve been reading some of the testimonies about yowie sightings with some interest. 

It comes after a female friend of ours and her companion were driving over the Koumala Range near Mackay at night only about six months ago when they both saw what they both believed to be a yowie crossing the road in the headlights. 

It seemed to have some road sense, hesitating before crossing.  They described it as a big ape-like man with reddish brown hair all over and was really quick when it ran
away into the scrub. 

As they were driving to work at the time, they were both sober.  The area is surrounded by some very wet, hilly, scrubby terrain and his not heavily populated.








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