Location: Blackbutt Ranges, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2008




My partner is a truck driver and we were travelling up Blackbutt Range. Almost at the top there is an area large enough for 1 semi trailer to pull off the road.

On this particular day we stopped so my partner Brad could stretch his legs. There is an overgrown track just to the front of where the truck was parked and Brad walked a short distance down the track. I could still see him from where I was sitting in the truck.

The track curves to the left a couple hundred metres from where it starts and you cannot see where it goes. I had my window down as it was a nice day when I heard something crashing through the thick forest to the left of me.

It is very thick rainforesty type scrub and a person would not have been able to make it through there like whatever was in there that day. It is also very very steep.

I am from the country and know what deer, roos and cattle sound like going through the bush. Brad also admitted to hearing the same noise.

It was approximately 3 weeks later when we travelled the same road again.

We didn’t pull over this time but I did look down the track as we drove past and my brain did not want to register what my eyes were seeing.

About half way down the track there was a figure. It was squatting down and was the profile of a person except it was massive.

I only saw it back on and it was covered in reddish brown long fur. It started to stand upright on two legs.

It wasn’t fully upright before we were out of sight of it but Brad is 6 foot tall and this thing was definitely taller than him.

All the hairs on my arms were standing on end and I am positive that I was looking at a yowie.













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