Location: Booreen Point QLD

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: June 2000 




My sighting took place on a 7 acre property I was renting on Kindamon Creek Road, near Boreen Point. The road was gravel and very much deserted during night.

The back section, where the encounter took place, was rainforest. There was a small trickle of a creek running and I had a couple of crayfish traps in the water as I had observed holes in the bank during the day. It was late at night and i had no torch, as I was comfortable in the dark and knew the area well enough to do without.

I was with my dog, and approaching the creek, when he abruptly stopped in his tracks and began growling. The type of growl indicated he was spooked and he began to back track and got behind me.

I then heard heavy footsteps retreating, and foliage parting as it left. I did not have a torch and did not see a thing. There was little moon, and we were underneath a rainforest canopy.

My dog appeared quite nervous even after our visitor had left and I began to get freaked out and decided to head back to the house.

There was no reason for anybody else to be in the area, and even if there were, they did not have a torch either, which would have been needed to exit through the thick vegetation in which the creature took it's exit.

Furthermore, I discussed this encounter with a neighbour who lived about a kilometre down the road. The same night, his two dogs became hysterical on the outside veranda.

When he turned the spotlight on, he saw a LARGE BIPEADAL FIGURE disappear into the surrounding rain forest. His first impression was that it was a burglar casing out his place for a robbery, but thought it strange that they headed for the forest instead of the road.







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