Location: Alpha, Queensland (West of Rockhampton)

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date of Sighting: October 5, 2007





The location was on the Capricorn Hwy, between Alpha and Bogantungan the side of the highway at 11pm at night, and a similar creature was seen briefly at Tully area 5 years ago. 

The local DPI Office reports other people have seen a similar creature near Byfield around Rockhampton.

Surrounding area is rough hilly country, few people, and Rocky outcrops.

It was sitting on the side of the road, approx 4' tall in sitting position. It had red/ginger furry or hair with a black chest, stripes on cheeks and highset ears similar to a koala.

It was squinting from headlights.

Also had an Ape-like face and longish legs that were folded in front with chin almost resting on knees. Its hands were on the ground.


We saw it from a moving vehicle, and by the time we turned the car around and gone back, it had disappeared.



B. Coulsen



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