Location: Agnes Waters, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 26th of October, 2018

Time: 6am

Witness: 25 year old Dutch Backpacker




Between Taunton and Agnes Waters. West of Deepwater National Park.


I’m backpacking from the Netherlands. Right now I’m in Agnes Water, Queensland. I just arrived here this morning by greyhound bus.

While riding the bus, I woke up when the sun came up. I really like to just look through the window because this land looks so much different than my own.

While I was looking out of the window, I saw a big, hairy, human-like appearance in a bit of a more open bush area, at a distance of about 100 meters and it was walking. It looked kind of like the wookie from star wars.

Now, I’m a pretty down to earth guy and I usually don’t really believe in folk lore or anything like that. But this sighting freaked me out a little bit and got me interested.

Have there been any known sightings of big ape-like humans or something like that in the past?

Cheers :)

PS awesome country and excuse my English.


Stef van Wijchen








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