Location: Killarney, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: April 4th, 2010

Time: 11am




I was driving with my 7 year old son from Killarney along the Condamine River road which consists of approximately 12 small river crossings. Heading in what is claimed to be reverse direction to normal travel, heading towards the road that ascends the range to Queen Mary Falls, where we had camped the previous night.

I stopped my Range Rover at a couple of crossings to take some photos and for us to have a look around. It was a bright sunny morning with other vehicles  passing us by travelling west, whereas we were driving east.

At approximately the fifth or sixth crossing the river bends to the right. As I began to drive through the river, I noticed out the corner of my eye what seemed to be a steer standing in the creek about 50 metres away. As I payed more attention to it, I realised it was oddly shaped and standing upright, it lifted its head and moved quickly to the left behind the edge of the bank, which curved to the left near where it was standing.

It was a beige/brown colour and hairy, it moved extremely quickly out of my line of sight, and seem crouched out of view.

I continued to drive on for several more river crossings until I stopped and calmed down. I was well aware of what it was that I had seen, but I was shocked to have witnessed such an encounter in broad daylight, with so many other vehicles and people in the vicinity.


It could have stood there all day and it would not have been seen if driving from the east, heading west!


It was 7ft, maybe more, light brown colour, extremely hairy, but of particular notice was the width of its abdomen/ rib cage area and shoulders which were particularly wide, that is why I thought it was a Steer at first appearance. It appeared to stoop as it crouched, but it moved extremely quickly!



There have been another 2 odd occurrences, both of which happened on my numerous drives from Melbourne to Brisbane to visit my son for the school holidays. the first occurred in the Pilliga scrub, 40 odd kms out of Coonabarabran, the other on the Bruxner highway at night at about a similar distance out of Drake on the way to Tenterfield.











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