Location: Wolvi, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 19th September 2012




As per request, the Witness in this report wishes to remain anonymous and the location obscure.


The Witness is a 40 year old male who resides in a house of timber construct set on a slope with the back portion level with the driveway and the unfinished front section set one storey above the ground. The property is on a  cleared 1.6 acre rural block in a rural area of South-East Queensland with neighbouring houses on adjacent properties not visible from the Witness house. Adjoining properties consist of well established trees which forms a tall tree line across the rear of the Witness property. The Witness owns two dogs and has seen kangaroos and other marsupial animals in the area, typical of  South East Queensland bush.


Prior to this incident, the Witness has seen a small unknown marsupial animal foraging in one of his wheelie bins for food of a night-time. There was also an incident where the Witness returned home from a fishing trip and discovered his wheelie bins upturned and contents had been “ripped apart” and strewn around the ground.


About 2:30am on Wednesday the 19th day of September 2012, the Witness was home alone asleep in bed and has awoken to the sound of his two dogs that were locked inside, “going ballistic”. The Witness woke up to the illumination of a light he had left on when he went to bed. The Witness recognised the barks the dogs were giving off as being different to their usual barks and had the impression they were barking at someone or something outside.


The Witness got out of bed to let the dogs out. He walked to the back glass sliding door where the dogs were barking and clawing at, unlocked it, and slid it open.


Suddenly and unexpectedly, the Witness was confronted with the sight of a man-like figure standing about three metres in front of him, behind his recycling wheelie bin of which the bright yellow lid was flipped open. In the dim light and over the next few seconds, the Witness was alarmed to see  the figure's head was obscured from his view by the awning, making the figure about 8 feet tall, as he could feel his own heart speed up and start to pound. The figure was heavy set, with a slight point to the top of it's head and long hair from his head down to shoulders giving the impression of no neck. It's body was covered in short dark brown hair to black, with dark eyes and a gorilla type face but without the gorilla lips, and thick set legs. The Witness also notes that as he slid the door open he was hit with a pungent and repulsive odor similar to rotten eggs but distinctly different.


Of the Witness two dogs, the larger dog of the two, a Neo-Mastiff Bull-Arab cross Great-Dane, a robust dog of about 50 kg in weight, went for the figure, and the figure took off running towards the back of the property. The Witness saw the figure running but looking downwards and back towards the dog hot on it's heels. The figure ran straight into a metal clothes line the Witness had set up, with enough force to knock it over and break a metal hinge and keep on running. The Witness estimates the figure covered about 70 metres from his house to the bush in about four seconds.


The figure and dog disappeared into the bush of the adjoining property and the Witness could hear a big scuffle take place. The Witness then heard something large and heavy crash from tree to tree before landing on a cleared area of ground where he heard something of weight tumble to a stop. The Witness dog returned from the tree line and stood his ground barking into it. The Witness then heard what sounded like a loud gutteral yell followed by what sounded like heavy footed running and the sound of crashing through the bush. The entire incident was over by about 2:40am when the Witness rushed inside and jumped on the computer where he saw the time.


The following day the Witness made some enquiries about his property and discovered three empty cans of dog food from his recycling bin had been taken out and were laying a few metres away near his house. The Witness then discovered a large rock on the ground where he heard something land on the ground. The rock weighs between 40 and 50kg. The Witness then had a look amongst the trees where he had heard the crashing noise and found damage to two tree trunks consistent with a large rock hitting them in a direct path down the slope and in line with the ground impression of the original resting place of the rock. 


The Witness states his only exposure to this type of story was when he was a kid seeing a TV show about America's bigfoot on film. Immediately after the incident, he scoured the internet and was sent a link to this site by a friend. 










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