Location: Wongawallan, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1984




Hi Dean,



Just wanted to share an experience that happed back 1984.

This happened in dense deep subtropical valley east of Wongawallan in the gold coast hinterland.

The weather was hot, it was typical of summer. I was 13 years old at the time. I lived in Coomera, from my parents house there was a great view of Tambourine Mountain and Wongawallan. I would often go hiking off into the bush with my brothers or cousin. On this occasion I was with my cousin and my dog an old blue healer cross. We had walked for approximately an hour since heading off, we stopped at a fork in small stream as it seamed like a good spot to have a bite to eat and rest. As we relaxed and had a breather it seamed unusually quite. The silence was broken by the braking of branches and sticks as something big moved along the ridge above us maybe only 50 meters away.

The dog had started to go crazy, I tried to hold on to her but she broke away heading straight through thick lantana and out sight. The sound from the ridge was getting louder and my cousin and I were wondering what on earth was so big crashing through the bush.

This thing was moving fast and it started to make a loud grunt and moaning sound. It was almost as if it was annoyed by the us and now the dog. The sound was strange and I have never heard anything like it again. We could not see this creature as the bush was too thick but it had been very close and it was now moving away from us with the dog in pursuit. My cousin and I wanted to see what it was and we, although we were scared we headed up one of the forks of the creek closest to where the sound was.


The going was hard and the creak was at its upper extremes with steep embankments and rock faces. We stopped and listened we climbed up a wet rock face thinking we might get closer or even cut it off. Once we got up to the top of the rock face we found ourselves in another gorge with steep sides we stopped again and listened, there was no sound we could only hear the dog barking. We slowly walked a little further and found ourselves at a deep pool of water with what would be a water fall with some good rain but it was just a wet vertical rock face maybe 50 ft high.

We were looking up at the three sides and we knew it would be close to imposable for us to climb up near this rock pool, we knew would have to look for an easier way up. There was still no sound, but we new we were close to where the sound had been and the dog was still barking up in the dense undergrowth. The bush was very thick and full of lantana.

We looked up and around and focused on where the sound of the dog was barking. The dog was going nuts, she was really worked up. Suddenly there was a load screaming moan and this hairy brown creature came crashing though the dense bush, it appeared to be on two legs and it was fast with the dog again following. We only got a quick and slightly obscured look due to the thick undergrowth and lantana. All I know is that it was a chocolate brown colour and hairy and maybe 6 or 7ft tall.

We did find a way up to the top of the rock face and look around where we spotted the creature but the thing was now long gone. We then eventually headed for home not knowing where the dog was. She turned up about an hour after we had arrived home, she was exhausted and dirty, and she sure had an eventful afternoon, if only she could have given some details of what she encountered!











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