Location: Bribie Island, Queensland (Beachmere, Peel Road)

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: July 19th, 2013

Time: 6 – 7am


Terrain: Thick bush and mangrove swamp near large saltwater estuary.





I’d had a fight with the missus. Went for a drive. Had pulled over on a dirt road to have a cigarette. Can’t be really sure of what I saw, so I can’t boast about it too much.


I was sitting in the car. Looked in the rear vision mirror and there seemed to be something sitting in the middle of the dirt track. I turned around to see what it was and whatever it was had seen me turn around and it did two or three leaps and it was gone. My windows are really tinted and I could hear dogs going off in the distance.


I drove back there to check it out. It would have done two to three metre leaps. But it was no Kangaroo. It was something standing in the middle of the track. It was like tall, and dark. And I’ve turned around and it was like, holly heck, and took three steps and took off into the bush.


[Witness says he is sure this reacted to him turning around and looking in its direction, however can’t fathom how it could have seen him due to the tinted windows].

It was tall and skinny looking.


I’ve lived out here for years. Seem Emu tracks and all that. But this things wasn’t a F*ing Emu. You know what I mean. It was like a tall Aboriginal, if you know what I mean.



When I got home I thought about Yowies and stuff. Then I went online and looked for pictures but I couldn’t find any and found your Website. Thought I’d drop in the sighting and see what happens.



I saw legs and that. I saw it take three metre leaps and then it was in the bush. I was sh*tting myself. I told my missus and friends and that, after, and they were like, ‘Yeah whatever’.


[Paul asks – ‘Leaps or Steps’?]


They were more like steps, but like it was in a rush. It was in a hurry to get away. I reckon it saw me turn around. It was more of a grey colour. In between grey and brown. It was hair. It was taller than me for sure. Skinny. Lanky long legs. Yeah. Dark grey – black, dark.



Spoke to my missus and she said the Yowiehunters used to be here years ago. You guys. Years ago. Anyway, that’s why I thought I’d drop you a line and let you know what happened.








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